It feels like…

Well, I THOUGHT I had received my April Square last week, remember the cool bluey texturey one? Well it turns out that was my May Square (rolling waves, under the sea, of course!)  and the squares I received yesterday were my April Squares. So I am all caught up now, *phew!

Here is the picture of my April Squares. Aren’t they awesome? Both have some very cool texture going on. The reddish one is a square using front and back post stitches (goodies!) and the purple one is a melange of stitches, both knitting and crocheting. Isn’t that awesome?! I think so, a nice addition to my collection 🙂 The squares hail from a lovely lady in Rolla, Missouri. Thanks MrsLindaK!

She also sent a little prezzie for my snuggle buddy, Cally. Here she is playing with it. So cute! 😀

There is my little post for the day, I am off to drive my mom to the airport , TTYS!


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