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FO Friday, Number 34

Greetings and salutations!

Today’s FO is another afghan square (of course, that’s all I have been doing lately). Remember the theme for this month? Under the sea! Last week I shared the wavy square I made, thanks for your wonderful comments! This week’s square is a little fishier than last weeks 😉

The square is called the 6 Inch Fish Block from Donna Kay Lacey. It’s so cute! The pattern is great. If you need a quick but cute afghan square I recommend this one! I used an H hook and some leftover yarn from Shannon’s Kindle Kozy. I really hope my swapner likes it!

That’s my FO for this week, check out the others here, XO!



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Hey all, hope you’re having a great week. The sun has been shining since the weekend and I have been trying to enjoy every last drop of it!

On Saturday, BF and I decided on a whim to head down to the States for the day. I say whim because I am not so much a “on a whim” kind of gal. I am a planner. So this for me was quite out of the ordinary. I did have a few places I wanted to stop, but I made no definitive plans on when we would arrive etc. One of the places was (of course) Hobby Lobby. We don’t have them in Canada (*sniff) so every chance I get I go. This time I discovered a new brand of notion called Yarnology. I am a sucker for colourful and cute things and the these are no exception. I decided to try out some acrylic hooks, all of mine are aluminum. The set was $6 so even if I don’t like them, I’m not out a bunch of money. The other goodies I found are some yarn bobbins. I liked these ones because they are a bit smaller than the ones from Michaels, and you get 10 in a pack, much more economical. I am excited to try them out!

I also picked up some things for my Afghan Swapner but you’ll have to wait and see those in a later post 🙂

We also stopped at the Crab Pot in Seattle, check out my mallet! I absolutely loved the experience and can’t wait to go back for another tableful (literally they just dump your food right on the table) of delicious seafood, yum!

Come back tomorrow and see my FO Friday goodie, XO! 


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FO Friday, Number 33

TGIF! I am so looking forward to a nice looooooong weekend to recharge my batteries. Which will of course include some crochet. I have received my May Square Swapner, and I am ready to get crackin!

This month’s theme is “Under the Sea”, so I found this wavy pattern and whipped it up last week. It is the Wavy Dishcloth by Amber Moberly. I love the slight texture and the relaxing watery movement. I used a G hook and some scap blue and white yarn. I think it turned out ok, except for that minor hiccup midway through on the edge. That always happens when I chain more than 1 on a turn… something to work on I suppose… do you like?

Now that I have made a square representing the sea, I am going to make one representing what’s down there 🙂 Stay tuned for that!

That’s my FO for the week, check out the others here, XO.


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Let the Sun Shine!

Greetings! Hope you’ve been having a good week, I sure have!

Today I wanted to share with you the dishcloth I received from my swapner. It’s a Michigan Sunflower. Isn’t it lovely? I love the texture of it! Thanks so much to Denise, aka MichiganIrish for all her efforts of my dishcloth, it’s been such a pleasure swapping with her!

Come back tomorrow and check out my FO, XO!


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FO Friday, Number 32

Hey all, did you enjoy my goodies from yesterday? I hope so, I sure did!

As promised here is my FO for this week. I joined the KISS Dishcloth Swap on Crochetville last month, and I was partnered with Denise from Michigan. She said she wanted a bright dishcloth, so I went looking for the brightest yarn I could find. I have also had a particular dishcloth pattern in my Ravelry queue for a while, so I decided to give it a whirl. Do you like?

The pattern in Scrap Ripple Cloth from Anastacia Zittel. I love the simple but textured look of it. It took a bit of figuring out exactly where to “stitch in back loop only” to get the texture but once I did it was easy going. I used leftover green and white Peaches and Cream cotton, and bought the blue and pink Bernat Handicrafter cotton for the other brightness. I used a G hook. I really like it! So happy! Denise has received her dishcloth and likes it! *Phew! I am now patiently waiting for her creation.

There is my FO for this week. I can’t wait to show you what I have cookin’ for next month’s Square Swap :). As always, check out the other great FOs at Tami’s Amis, XO.


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Lucky Lucky Me!

I decided to join the Afghan Swap on Ravelry this year, and last month our first package went out. My swapner is Bonnie who hails from Ottawa. Based on her likes I put together this package for her. I made 2 doilies, the pattern is Petite Pineapple Doily from Priscilla Hewitt. I have made it before, and once again the results are stunning. I also sent 2 magazines, 1 knit and 1 crochet, a set of bamboo knitting needles, a bamboo hook, a Whistler keychain, a bag of Vanilla Earl Grey Tea, a homemade card, a dishcloth and 4 skeins of yarn from a LYS in West Vancouver. She has received it and likes everything! Now to start compiling the August package!

I also received my package from Bonnie. First and foremost, check out the socks she made me! I love love love them! I have never had a homemade pair of socks and they are seriously wicked! She also sent me a scrapbook magazine, which has some sweet ideas that I can’t wait to use, a chocolate chip cookie recipe, a 12 inch square pattern, some yummy dark chocolate, the cutest bumblebee push pins, and a skein of purple Berocco yarn. I can’t wait to whip up something with it. Thanks Bonnie, you’re the best!

So yes indeed, I am lucky lucky! Stay tuned for my FO Friday post tomorrow, XO!

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FO Friday Number 31

Hey all,

My quick little FO this week is another square for my Square Swap. April’s theme is ‘texture’. My swapner likes pink and black (nice!), so I decided to mix that with some texture, and this is what I came up with. Cute hey? I just made a simple black square, and then tied 2 different pink ribbons around it. I really like how it turned out. I am planning to make another “texture” themed square to send with this one. 

I also received my March from Viola C from Toronto. It’s a polar bear in a blizzard. Cute! I really like the postcard, soap and notecards, too. Thanks Viola! 

There’s my FO for this week, check out the others here, XO.

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FO Friday Number 30

Well I am just so refreshed and revived from my 2 weeks of Spring Break. 1 week spent lounging on the couch and 1 week cruising down the Baja Peninsula with Bestie. It was glorious. Now I am back to work, and pining for Easter Break. Such is life.

Here is a photo of Bestie and I on our last night, holding our puffer fish drink cups, AWESOME 😀 

Anywiggles, back to my FO for the week. BF’s sister celebreated her birthday last weekend, and I have been meaning to make a kindle kozy for her for a while (remember the felting fiasco?). So I bought some yarn and busted out this cutie in just a few hours. 

The pattern is the Puff Stitch Kindle Cover from Amy Dutsch. I used some Impeccible yarn in the prettiest coral colour and an H hook. I found a cute pearly white button and lined it with some blue felt. When she goes to Bolivia I hope it keeps her Kindle safe and sound. I like it so much I make a few more, or maybe an iPad one! 

So there is this week’s update for you. Check out the other amazing FOs here. Easter in 1 week, yahoo!



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FO Friday Number 29

TGIF! I have been enjoying my first week of Spring Break, excitedly anticipating next week as Bestie and I are going on a cruise! Yahoo! I can’t wait!

My FOs this week are my squares for the Granny Square Swap. This month’s theme is Your Country. Well, I love my country, and city. I think you’ll be able to see that right away!

First up is this red square you saw last week. I added a great maple leaf motif. The pattern is from Zen Crochet, I used some white yarn and an H hook. Quick, simple and very patriotic!

Next up is a square paying homage to Vancouver. I love my Canucks (most of the time) and figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to whip a square using the logo. I think it turned out pretty good eh? I free-handed the logo, the square itself is is an easy granny square, One Heart Square for example. I used some left over blue yarn and an H hook. I really love it (so does the BF, he has requested one for himself). My swapner this month hails from Texas, I really hope she likes them! Oh Canada! 

There are my FOs for this week. As always, check out the others here. I won’t be around next week (Hello Mexico!) so have fun, be safe, Happy Spring Break! XO.

P.S. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!



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WIP Wednesday XXII

Howdy! What a beautiful sunny Vancouver Wednesday!

The WIP I’m sharing today is a 50% ARGH, 50% PHEW. I had a flash of inspiration and went for it, was not pleased with the result and switched to something different. You know, that old story.

For an upcoming swap I decided to make another doily. I found a pattern and started it. I starting using my owl Milward hook, and I think it’s too big for the pattern… so it wasn’t laying flat and I really didn’t like what was being created. I will probably try the pattern again with a different hook or different thread. 

Instead I went back to an old pattern that I have had success with. The pattern is Petite Pineapple Doily from Priscilla Hewitt (a designer I use frequently). I am using some leftover Aunt Lydia’s thread and my size 6 hook. I have now run out of thread, and will need to get more to complete it. I will probably make 2 for my swapner. 

So there is my WIPW for the week, as always, check out the other fantastic projects here, XO.


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