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WIP Wednesday XXIV

What a week off! BF and I went up to Christina Lake to spend the week with his family and it was such a lovely trip, minus a few unfortunate events!

I wanted to share the WIPs I worked on while I was away.  The first is an update on the baby blanket I showed you a couple weeks ago. I only added a couple rounds, so it still looks like a scarf, but I’m still liking the result and it’s a pretty easy pattern to work with.

Next up are a few goodies for this month’s Granny Square Swap. August’s theme is fruit, and I got inspired early for this theme. My first WIP is an apple applique that I am hoping to center into a square. I have finished all but the leaves of it, and I am pretty pleased with it. The pattern is Apple Coasters by Louise Howe. I used some green yarn and a G (I think). All I need to do now is center this into a square and add the leaves.

I am also planning on sending an apple cozy with my squares. I found a cute pattern called Apple Cardigan by Rebecca Harmon that I decided to try. I used the same green yarn and G hook. I need a button and some leaves and the coy is complete. It’s a tad small, but it stretches, I figure it will be ok.

So there are my WIPs for the week, stay tuned because I am a bit behind in my posting, I have lots to share. As well, check out the other great WIPs here, XO!



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WIP Wednesday XXIII

Happy Wednesday! I haven’t had a WIP Wednesday since the spring. Wow…

My current WIP is a baby blanket for my sister’s friends. They are having a baby boy who is due in November. The pattern is Cheryl’s Puff Shell Surprise. I am using Bernat Softee Baby in Flannel and Denim Marl, and an H hook. I really like the look so far, and the texture is very lovely. It should keep me company when the BF and I go to the Lake next week. Do you like?

There is my WIP for this week, check out the others here. Hopefully I’ll be back on Friday with an FO, XO!


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FO Friday, Number 9

As promised I have a couple of finished goodies to share with you today.

 First up are these 2 lovely 8 inch squares for the July C’Ville Granny Square Swap. My swapner hails from Maryland, and she requested two 8 inchers in purple/pink/red. While at Michaels this purple Vanna’s Choice was the only colour to really speak to me, so I snatched it up and started searching for a couple patterns.

The square on the right might look familiar to you. It’s the Petals of Spring May from One Crochet Day at a Time. I made a 12 inch for my purse/tote swap, and loved it so much I altered the pattern to make an 8 inch square. I love this pattern, the square is so wonderful!

The square on the left is another One Crochet Day at a Time pattern, called Shells Around. It is a 6 inch pattern, which I enlarged to make an 8 inch square. I really like how different but complimentary they are! Hopefully my swapner also likes them!

Next up, the baby blanket! It’s finished! Yahoo!! I LOVE the way it turned out, so soft and delicate and sweet and baby-licious OH MY! I was worried the border was going to be a pain but with the help of bestie and BF it was no problem at all! I cannot wait to gift this to the baby momma and get her reaction! The pattern is the Classic Coverlet from Lion Brand, I used a huge ball of Bernat Baby and an H hook for the body and an I hook for the border.

Here is a photo of my completed blankie over top of bestie’s almost complete balnkie. She just needs to do the shell around the border and it’ll be done! She used a different yarn (Snuggly Wuggly I think?) and hers is so soft and wonderful, the difference isn’t huge but there is definitely a difference. We both hope the mommas are in ❤ with them like we are!

So there is my FOF for this week, as always, check out the others at TamisAmis. Also, check back on SUNDAY for a special weekend post! XO


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WIP Wednesday VI

I am not usually one to have more than 1 or 2 WIPs at a time… I find it stressful to have multiple things wanting my attention (on top of other things in life), but this month sees me having MANY projects on the go… I’m starting to feel like I’m barely staying afloat!

Here is an updated picture of the brown satchel. I have sewn the seams up, done the bottom corners, and have started on the casings. I still have the handles, corners (that’s where I have an issue with the pattern) and the lining/closing… you know, minor details. I think it looks pretty spiffy though, don’t you?

The office manager at one of the places I work is having a baby, and since I had to bail on her last week for a job interview (and since I like making people prezzies!) I decided to whip her up a cute and simple baby blankie. I can’t take credit because my bestie is also making one of these, hopefully we can have a side-by-side photo! Anyways, I am proud of this because it’s my (and her) first attempt at front post DC and back post DC, stitches I didn’t think I would attempt for a while. In actual fact, they are so simple! And they give this blankie such great texture and effect. I <3! The pattern is Lion Brand’s Classic Coverlet and I am using an I Hook and Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly in lilac.

Other things I need to do… start over the kindle kozy… make a second purse/tote for my swap… make 12 inch squares for same swap… keep from going crazy? We’ll see.

Do that’s my WIPW for this week (it’s one of my bigger ones so far), please stop by Tami’s Amis for more!


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