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FO Friday Number 38

Greetings! As promised, I am here to share some FOs that have been completed for a while.

First up, the squares I made for July’s Olympic themed Granny Square Swap. I had a bit of trouble deciding what to make, until I finally watched the Men’s Wimbledon Final (I know, old!) and decided to make a tennis inspired square, completely freehand. The net sits up in 3D 🙂 Do you like?

The second square has nothing to do with Olympics, but I LOVE the pattern. It is called Modern Mitered Granny Square from Sue Rivers, and it is such a beauty! I will definitely be making more of these for sure. I used some scrap yarn and a G hook (I think). I love the brightness of it, and my swapner in Oklahoma really liked both!

My last FO for today is my handmade item for my Afghan Swap. I decided to make a cotton bag for my swapner in Ottawa. The pattern is No Assembly Required Market Bag by Barbara J. Stuart. I used Lionbran Cotton Ease in Terracotta, about a skein and a half and am H hook. I strayed a bit from the pattern (more because I am terrible at following patterns sometimes) but I think it turned out good, it’s a good size. I plan on putting all of my other items in the bag to ship, it’s like free wrapping. It’s not the best picture, sorry. I am planning on sending out the package soon, I’ll have photos of all the goodies to share 🙂

So there are my FOs for the week, check out the others here and have a great long weekend, XO!



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FO Friday, Number 28


My FO this week is exactly the same as a few weeks ago.

I decided to use up the green and white cotton from the last potholder, but I switched it up a little bit. I really like the bright green and the hint of white! The pattern once again is the Scalloped Potholder from Priscilla Hewitt. What do you think?

 I also have an almost FO to share as well. March’s square swap theme is “You Country”. I got the 

itch to crochet the other day and decided to whip up a Diagonal Box Stitch Square. One of my favourites. I will probably add a Maple Leaf on top to cap off the ‘Canadiana’ 🙂

So there is my FOF for the week, check out the others here, XO.


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WIP Wednesday XXI

It feels so great to have a project on my hook right now! 

I signed up to participate in the KISS Potholder Swap on C’Ville. My swapner hails from PA, and I have found a cute little pattern for her potholder.

Last weekend I was down in Seattle and decided to stop in at Joanns and buy some Peaches and Cream Cotton. I am really happy with the result so far, even though I am only about 50% through. Hopefully I can finish it up soon and have another FO to share!

SO that’s my WIP for this week, check out the others here, XO.



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FO Friday, Number 7

 Happy Canada Day!!!

(from Phoenix, Arizona, lol)

I have some FOs to share with you, while I bask in the hot and lovely Arizona sun.

First up is this pretty little thread cross. The pattern is from Melissa Vincent. I used my 1.75mm hook and some thread from my stash. I think it looks so cute and am so in love with the look of thread right now. It has been sent to my swap buddy.

Next is this VERY adorable brown and white 12 inch square. Unfortunately I can’t remember who’s blog I got the pattern from, and the history has been erased off the computer I used when I found it. If you recognize it please let me know so I can give credit. I used an H hook, maybe an I hook, and stash yarn. I loved the raised parts of this square and will definitely be using it again!

Lastly, I whipped up this cute little market bag (also for the swap). The pattern is the “Sky Shopping Bag” from Charissa Gascho. I used an N hook (10.5mm), Loops and Threads Cotton Club in black, and the little border of teal is leftover from the dishcloth swap. It was a cinch to make and it’s so stretchy and wonderful, I will probably make it again!

So that’s my FOF for this week, as always make sure to stop by Tami’s Ami’s and check out the other FOFs!!


I FINALLY found the source of the square pattern. It belongs to Aurora Suominen at One Crochet Day at a Time. It is called “Petals of Spring Mays”. She has some lovely patterns on her blog, this particular one I will be employing again, very soon at that!


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Swapity Swap

Remember Friday’s post? The card and skein of yarn I sent? Well I can tell you more about it now.

The idea was to send a skein of yarn from your own stash to your swapner, and with the skein you receive you blog about it and make a project with it. I am still awaiting my skein.

I sent this:

1 skein of Patons Grace in neon pink (not sure of the actual dye lot). My swapner is a 13 year old knitter from Virginia (I know, right!) who spins her own yarn and is quite the little designer. You can check out her website here. After looking at her blog, and her Ravelry ID (E-Dreamer), I figured the mercerized cotton in a bright colour would be the best. She can really do anything with it. If you look up Patons Grace under yarn on Rav I think like, 5000 projects show up. A lot anyways. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with! 

A big thanks to Marie (aka the Underground Crafter) for organizing the swap!

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Sunshine and Smiles

Hey all,

Excuse my absence, I have been a busy, busy bee since Wednesday. Our city held the annual 10k run on Sunday and I worked with my Bestie in the New Balance/Alliance Athletics booth, which was a blast (tiring too!)!! That being said I had not time to crochet, much less anything to post. I do have something great to show you today:

Isn’t it freaking adorable?! It’s MY KISS Dishcloth from the C’Ville Swap. It was sent from the wonderful Rosebud75 in Goodland, Kansas. The colours match so well with my yellow kitchen, although I doubt I will actually use it, it’s too darn cute.

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Equation Solved

Thanks for all the great guesses everyone!

The question was “how does a ball of yarn and some notions equal a kiss?”

Here’s the solution 🙂

It’s a dishcloth for my K(eep) I(t) S(imple) S(weetie) Dishcloth Swap on C’Ville.

The yarn is Bernat Cotton in pretty blues and greens and I used a G hook. The pattern is Mina’s Delight from Donna Melton. My swapner is from Kansas and this is en route to her as we speak. I really hope she likes it!

I have never used homemade dishcloths so it will be interesting to see if I use mine, or simply hang it for decoration. What do you guys think? Are crocheted dishcloths as good as people make them out to be?


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