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Lucky Lucky Me!

I decided to join the Afghan Swap on Ravelry this year, and last month our first package went out. My swapner is Bonnie who hails from Ottawa. Based on her likes I put together this package for her. I made 2 doilies, the pattern is Petite Pineapple Doily from Priscilla Hewitt. I have made it before, and once again the results are stunning. I also sent 2 magazines, 1 knit and 1 crochet, a set of bamboo knitting needles, a bamboo hook, a Whistler keychain, a bag of Vanilla Earl Grey Tea, a homemade card, a dishcloth and 4 skeins of yarn from a LYS in West Vancouver. She has received it and likes everything! Now to start compiling the August package!

I also received my package from Bonnie. First and foremost, check out the socks she made me! I love love love them! I have never had a homemade pair of socks and they are seriously wicked! She also sent me a scrapbook magazine, which has some sweet ideas that I can’t wait to use, a chocolate chip cookie recipe, a 12 inch square pattern, some yummy dark chocolate, the cutest bumblebee push pins, and a skein of purple Berocco yarn. I can’t wait to whip up something with it. Thanks Bonnie, you’re the best!

So yes indeed, I am lucky lucky! Stay tuned for my FO Friday post tomorrow, XO!


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