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WIP Wednesday XXII

Howdy! What a beautiful sunny Vancouver Wednesday!

The WIP I’m sharing today is a 50% ARGH, 50% PHEW. I had a flash of inspiration and went for it, was not pleased with the result and switched to something different. You know, that old story.

For an upcoming swap I decided to make another doily. I found a pattern and started it. I starting using my owl Milward hook, and I think it’s too big for the pattern… so it wasn’t laying flat and I really didn’t like what was being created. I will probably try the pattern again with a different hook or different thread. 

Instead I went back to an old pattern that I have had success with. The pattern is Petite Pineapple Doily from Priscilla Hewitt (a designer I use frequently). I am using some leftover Aunt Lydia’s thread and my size 6 hook. I have now run out of thread, and will need to get more to complete it. I will probably make 2 for my swapner. 

So there is my WIPW for the week, as always, check out the other fantastic projects here, XO.



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The only problem when waiting for a swap is waiting for it to be delivered, especially when it’s coming from outside the country. I had sent out my package for the Doily swap no problem,  and was waiting for my package to be delivered when the bad hit, a postage strike. No mail being delivered… How awful! My poor swapner was so worried and anxious that it hadn’t been delivered yet, and there was nothing either of us could do. Oh and then I went on vacay and wasn’t around when it was actually delivered.

Everything has been resolved (although I’m still on the fence about the back-to-work legistlation…) and here is my Doily package!

Count them! THREE beautiful doilies. I still have to block and starch them (the rainy, dreary weather has made me lethargic) but they are quite pretty aren’t they? I love the bookmark, I can’t wait to start using it! And now I need to figure out what to do with my lovely doilies. I am thinking about framing the purple one and using the green one, I’m just sure where. Any suggestions?

I should mention my swapner is Joanne from Florida. She also sent me some other goodies! 2 postcards and a magnet from her state (I LOVE magnets!), some delicious chocolate (minus 2 york patties that BF and I already snarfed down), some BBQ rub seasoning, some yummy smelling coffee, tea, coconut patties and 2 little skeins of thread, blue and the green verigated the doily came from. I can’t wait to start using them!

So there you have it, I have definitely been spoiled, it’s a great by-product of making someone else’s day 🙂

I know I missed WIPW, and might miss FOF tomorrow, we’ll see, I have been trying to find my crochet desire again. Stick with me 🙂 XO


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FO Friday, Number 5


I can finally show you the finished doilies!! Yahoo!

OooOooOoOOOoOo, right? This is the large doily I made. The pattern is Pineapple Plumes from Priscilla Hewitt, and I really like it. I had to make some changes (remember?) but once I blocked and starched it, it became AMAZING!!! I think it’s so stunning. Unfortunately, the photo is showing the colour to be bluer than it is, the colour is definitely more purple than this. So yeah, Pineapple Plumes, I used a size 1.8 Boye hook and size 10 thread. It came about to be 14 inches. 

This one is the Petite Pineapple Plumes from the same designer. I used the same hook and thread and it came about to be about 8 inches. I like the similarity of the 2 but they are also very different. I have to say, doilies are ugly until they are blocked and starched, at least IMHO. 

SO, my swapner has received her doilies, and loves them. She is a great lady in Florida and it was a pleasure putting her package together, and I can’t wait to receive hers!

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WIP Wednesday III

Hey all,

Thanks for all the great comments on Monday’s ABCs post. I’m glad people share the same comedic relief I do 🙂

Ready for another WIPW? I have to admit that I have been a 1-trick pony of late, sticking to that 1 ball of thread and going doily-crazy! I have now completed 2 doilies and still have some thread left, not much, so the next one I make will be little…

Anyways, my WIPW story actually goes back to last Friday, where we had the BEST weather in Vancouver yet this year. It was seriously awesome. So my sister and I packed up and headed to the beach. Can you guess what I brought with me?

We went to Locarno Beach, my favourite! It was a tad windy, but we both managed to get burnt… first colour of the season, lol. I love this photo. I will definitely be heading back and taking more WIPs with me!

Also on my list of things to do is make 4 final squares for my defunct swap, angel squares for someone who didn’t receive some from before.

There you go, WIPW for this week, you can check out others at Tami’s Amis!


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FO Friday, Number 2

Good morning!

I finally have an FO to share! Although I am being sneaky about it 🙂

This is a picture of my starching of the doily. Yes! The doily! It is finished! *queue the celebratory music. And it looks AWESOME! Like, it’s the best thing I’ve ever made. But I don’t want to show you a good photo of it because I don’t want to completely spoil the surprise for my swapner. Thankfully my mom had some starch spray kicking around and I spent a good hour pulling, placing and pinning, and then spraying and ironing. It was very cathartic. I will post a photo of the completed doily once my swapner has it in her hands. I also have some thread left and I’ve found a smaller doily pattern that I am going to attack next. Watch out, I’m on a mission!

On another note, I sent this cute

 little package off to a very special someone in Virginia, as part of another swap.Hopefully I have more to post about that next week.

Check out of FO Fridays here. Have a great weekend!


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WIP Wednesday II

Alternative title: What the HECK was I thinking?!

So… welcome to another WIPW… today I am sharing with you the thread project/adventure/disaster/thing I have started.

I quickly discovered that the milward size 1 hook was too big for this project. Look how sloppy it is. Not just the straight chains but all the stitches look terrible. I should mention that this is Priscilla Hewitt’s Pineapple Plumes doily and she lists a size 6 hook. Well, the hook I have is certainly not a size 1.8mm as suggested, so I went and bought one, and frogged that garbage.

This is the current project using the correct size needle (omg it is SO small!!!). It looks way BETTER, and yet it still looks sloppy. First, the middle doesn’t match the photo, so I am going to have to fiddle with that, and secondly, I think the straight chains in between the ‘plumes’ are too long, that’s why it looks sloppy, so I will attempt to fix that. 

This doily, by the way, is my current C’Ville swap project for May. I have never worked with thread before, but I’m always up for a challenge. I am not hating it so far but we’ll see if it lasts… 

Thanks for reading my WIPW, check out Tami’s Amis for more! XO. 


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