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F is for…


(Pardon my French)

I’m talking about that moment when you realize you’ve made a mistake, and the only way you can live with it is to frog back to the mistake, or start all over again?

F%#& indeed! I had one just this weekend, I started another project (wait for my WIPW rant) and after 2 rounds had to restart the whole project. Sometimes I feel like I need a 5 second delay for people around me, heh heh. 

I have a big ol’ F%#& to share with you today.

Remember this guy? It’s the kindle kozy I am making for S’s super cute kindle? Well, I have felted it, 3 times in fact. And the result? It’s too short. By at least half an inch. And too long, by at least double that.


It’s my own fault… I don’t really know how the yarn shrinks, so I guessed… wrongly. Now I get to make the darn thing over. And what do I do with the now useless kozy? Something almost-ish square gets a kozy… or maybe it’ll kozy up to the garbage.

That’s my ABCs for this week, check out the others here



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WIP Wednesday IV


Today is another WIPW and I have a fun project to share with you.

My BF’s sister just got a Kindle (I want one, I want one!!!!) but she doesn’t have a cover for it. So I offered to make one for her. I thought, “what a perfect way to use more of that yucky wool for felting”. So yes, that is what I am doing. I looked up patterns on Rav but decided to kinda just make my own, I’ll have the pattern to share when its complete.

Here is the unfelted kozy. I am making a little flap closure for the top. I have felted it the first time, it will need at least 3 I am guessing,

but I am pleased with the progress so far. 

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WIP Wednesday 1.5

Hey all,

Welcome to WIP Wednesday version 1.5, the next page in my felting adventure.

So we all remember the initial piece (left), pre-shrunk.

I have thrown it in the washer on the hot cycle and the magic has happened!  

It has shrunk about an inch on either side, definitely tightened up, I am going to cycle it again, as per the instructions. I’m pretty excited about the results. 

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WIP Wednesday

Here is my very first Work in Progress Wednesday.

I figured I would participate seeing as I definitely have quite a WIP on my hands.

I have this wool yarn laying around that I need to use up, and when I found this pattern on Ravelry, the Kluster Hook Book from Berroco, I thought, ok I’ll try it. I have never felted before, but I will never use the yarn otherwise.

So, here is the body of the hook book, unfelted. It looks a little lopsidded but I have no idea what happened, I guess I got sloppy as I went along, which isn’t surprising because the yarn is so itchy and I’m using a P hook.

I did do a test swatch (something new for me!) and flung it in the washer and it seemed to work, so this bad boy is awaiting its hot spin in the washer as well.

I figured since I have some yarn left I will make some flowers and other doodads and fling them in too, waste not want not. I will probably have to run it at least twice, but I have high hopes.


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