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Happy BC Day everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful long weekend, I sure am!

I wanted to share the goodies I have received from swaps and such. First up are my music squares from the Granny Square Swap. They hail from a wonderful lady in Ohio. A country square and a square representing a song by Pink. Aren’t they lovely?

Next up are my Crochetville KISS Granny Squares. My swapner was Linda from Australia. I love international swapners! Aren’t the squares gorgeous? I love the colours and the stitches, so pretty, thanks Linda!

Last of my received goodies are my July Squares. The theme was Olympics, and look what I received from Ā California! One is a soccer square, very nice, and the second is a water themed square. She was thinking of creating some diving or swimming related, but after the IOC attacked Ravelry about their Ravlympics she decided to create a water themed square based on their behaviour. In one word, juvenile. So clever! The yarn is SO soft, and I love the rubber ducky! She also sent me some birthday goodies. A keychain, a cutting mat, a pencil sharpener and a delicious skein of purple yarn.Thanks Tsubunny!!!

My last share today are a couple of goodies I picked up at a flea market in Grand Forks, BC. I think the total for these 3 items was $1.50. Awesome šŸ™‚ There was a bunch of pattern books (like 2 baskets) that I went through. My swapner, Bonnie, is an avid knitter, and I decided to pick her up a couple of sweater pattern booklets. They are definitely vintage. I hope she likes them! The other goodies are a couple new crochet hooks for myself. One is a wood handled H hook, and the green one is an I hook. I am super excited to give these a try!

There are my goodies, I hope you enjoyed seeing them!


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Hey all, hope you’re having a great week. The sun has been shining since the weekend and I have been trying to enjoy every last drop of it!

On Saturday, BF and I decided on a whim to head down to the States for the day. I say whim because I am not so much a “on a whim” kind of gal. I am a planner. So this for me was quite out of the ordinary. I did have a few places I wanted to stop, but I made no definitive plans on when we would arrive etc. One of the places was (of course) Hobby Lobby. We don’t have them in Canada (*sniff) so every chance I get I go. This time I discovered a new brand of notion called Yarnology. I am a sucker for colourful and cute things and the these are no exception. I decided to try out some acrylic hooks, all of mine are aluminum. The set was $6 so even if I don’t like them, I’m not out a bunch of money. The other goodies I found are some yarn bobbins. I liked these ones because they are a bit smaller than the ones from Michaels, and you get 10 in a pack, much more economical. I am excited to try them out!

I also picked up some things for my Afghan Swapner but you’ll have to wait and see those in a later post šŸ™‚

We also stopped at the Crab Pot in Seattle, check out my mallet! I absolutely loved the experience and can’t wait to go back for another tableful (literally they just dump your food right on the table) of delicious seafood, yum!

Come back tomorrow and see my FO Friday goodie, XO!Ā 


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Notions Galore!

Yahoo! After patiently waiting and waiting and waiting my package from my C’Ville Notions Swapner finally arrived!

Ā Oh my goodness I can’t even begin to describe my excitement over all the goodies. Some of the wonderful-ness includes 2 bates babmboo hooks which are very popular, a crochet hook with a light in it for working in the dark; it adds nicely to my collection of light up mascara and lip gloss :).Ā As well as a hookĀ AND notion case, I have been giving them away andĀ didn’t have one for myself.Ā Also some tea, yarn, chocolates and erasers. Basically everything I asked for and more more more!!! I am so thankful for my swapner Jacob’smommy for doing such a great job, and I definitely think she did a better job than I did!

Now to get working with my new goodies!!


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