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WIP Wednesday XXIV

What a week off! BF and I went up to Christina Lake to spend the week with his family and it was such a lovely trip, minus a few unfortunate events!

I wanted to share the WIPs I worked on while I was away.  The first is an update on the baby blanket I showed you a couple weeks ago. I only added a couple rounds, so it still looks like a scarf, but I’m still liking the result and it’s a pretty easy pattern to work with.

Next up are a few goodies for this month’s Granny Square Swap. August’s theme is fruit, and I got inspired early for this theme. My first WIP is an apple applique that I am hoping to center into a square. I have finished all but the leaves of it, and I am pretty pleased with it. The pattern is Apple Coasters by Louise Howe. I used some green yarn and a G (I think). All I need to do now is center this into a square and add the leaves.

I am also planning on sending an apple cozy with my squares. I found a cute pattern called Apple Cardigan by Rebecca Harmon that I decided to try. I used the same green yarn and G hook. I need a button and some leaves and the coy is complete. It’s a tad small, but it stretches, I figure it will be ok.

So there are my WIPs for the week, stay tuned because I am a bit behind in my posting, I have lots to share. As well, check out the other great WIPs here, XO!



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WIP Wednesday XXIII

Happy Wednesday! I haven’t had a WIP Wednesday since the spring. Wow…

My current WIP is a baby blanket for my sister’s friends. They are having a baby boy who is due in November. The pattern is Cheryl’s Puff Shell Surprise. I am using Bernat Softee Baby in Flannel and Denim Marl, and an H hook. I really like the look so far, and the texture is very lovely. It should keep me company when the BF and I go to the Lake next week. Do you like?

There is my WIP for this week, check out the others here. Hopefully I’ll be back on Friday with an FO, XO!


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WIP Wednesday XXII

Howdy! What a beautiful sunny Vancouver Wednesday!

The WIP I’m sharing today is a 50% ARGH, 50% PHEW. I had a flash of inspiration and went for it, was not pleased with the result and switched to something different. You know, that old story.

For an upcoming swap I decided to make another doily. I found a pattern and started it. I starting using my owl Milward hook, and I think it’s too big for the pattern… so it wasn’t laying flat and I really didn’t like what was being created. I will probably try the pattern again with a different hook or different thread. 

Instead I went back to an old pattern that I have had success with. The pattern is Petite Pineapple Doily from Priscilla Hewitt (a designer I use frequently). I am using some leftover Aunt Lydia’s thread and my size 6 hook. I have now run out of thread, and will need to get more to complete it. I will probably make 2 for my swapner. 

So there is my WIPW for the week, as always, check out the other fantastic projects here, XO.


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WIP Wednesday XIX

As you saw in my last post, I have been able to do a bit of crocheting, which has been refreshing. I am slowly starting to figure out how to balance work and play.

My WIP today to share with you is this! I signed up for a quick swap,I started it over the weekend but ran out of white yarn before I could finish it. Hopefully I can finish it so the package can be sent out out tomorrow. Any ideas as to what it is?

That’s my short but sweet post today, check out the others here. Be sure to come back tomorrow and check out my FOs, XO!

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WIP Wednesday XVIII

*sits down, takes a deep breath

Well, I survived the last few days. My knees and feet are killing me, and I’m worried about where to go this year with my students, but other than that I had a great few days. Yahoo! I haven’t had much time for crocheting, obviously, but I knew that was going to happen to I tried to get ahead of myself, which I am!

These fingerless mitts are almost done, I need to add another row of single crochet around the side and then sew together. I’m using Red Heart Soft in grey and a G hook, the pattern is Cable Wrist. They are really good looking in my opinion.

I also still have to sew the wings onto the owl, maybe find a couple more things for the scarf swap and that package will go out next week. 

Hopefully I can find some balance between work and play. There’s my WIP Thursday for this week, check out the others here. I’ll be back tomorrow for FO Friday!


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WIP Wednesday XVII

Happy Hump Day! I am enjoying a nice, quiet week before my new job starts on Monday.

I have 3 projects on the go right now, I’m hoping to have this one done by the weekend. What is it you ask? I am making a Grandala Square for my Granny Square Swap. October’s theme is Food, and my swapner likes reds and blues. I have some cute food buttons that I am going to employ, and my backdrop will be the Grandala.

I am still plugging away on my Seasonless Scarf, it is now up to 92 inches! I am running out of my 2nd skein of Snuggly Wuggly, and when it runs out the scarf is complete! It’s supposed to end up being 140 inches long, but I doubt I’ll have enough yarn for that. 

Lastly is this little cutie. He is also going to the scarf swapner, he has actually taken very little time to get to this point, eyes and all. I need to embroider his beak (oops did I give it away?) and then continue on the body. The pattern is from the Amigurumi book I received in the scrap yarn swap

So there are my WIPs for this week, head on over to Tami’s to see the others, XO.


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WIP Wednesday XVI

Happy Hump Day everyone!

You know the saying “when it rains, it pours”? Welcome to my life. Yes being busy is great but it’s exhausting. And really scary when you’re first starting out… 

Anyways, on to my WIP for the week… the critron is finished! It is blocking as we speak, it will be off to its new home on Friday (the mailing deadline… I know), I will share it with you then! This project is for the next swap, the Winter Scarf Swap. My swapner hails from Reno, and has requested some in the green/blue family, no itchy wool. So, I found a great pattern, the Seasonless Scarf from Lion Brand, bought some Minty Snuggly Wuggly and got to work with my J hook. This will take no time what-so-ever, which is good because I also have 2 squares and either another hat or something fingerless to whip up… speaking of rain… 

So there’s my WIPW for the week, check out the others here, XO.


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WIP Wednesday XV

Today is a day off!!! Yahoo! That being said, I still have a lot to do! I need to send off my squares (I’ll show them on Friday), need to get a reference done, clean my room (it’s bad), and crochet!

Here is the yarn I picked for the hat. A super bright Vanna’s Choice in Turquoise. I also used some for my September squares, I can’t wait to show you on FOF 🙂 I have a pattern picked out, just need to get crackin on it *whpsh

I am also still working on the Critron… here is a close up on the ruffles and sequins. It’s really cute, but slow working. I kinda need to motor on this, I still need to block it and let it dry… the washing instructions say no wringing, so yeah… I’m worried about that…

There’s my kinda lame WIPW this week, check the others out here, see you Friday, XO.


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WIP Wednesday XIV

I am exhausted! I have been busy busy these last few days. I worked all weekend, and even worked out afterwards! Then Monday night I played some intense volleyball. Then yesterday I got my first substitute teacher call out (yahoo!) and then had to teach Religion class that evening. I am wiped. Happy, but wiped.

I have slowly been plugging away on the Critron Shawl, I am almost done the first skein of yarn, have have completed 4/6 of the ruffle sections. I like it, it’s a bit scratchy, the yarn is difficult and I totally messed up the straight edge, but it’s not completely horrible. Right?

Other projects that need to be started very soon include: a hat, 2 granny squares and a fortune cookie. All small but I’m afraid that if I stop working on Critron I’ll forget about it… 

So there’s my WIPW for this week, check out the other ones here, XO.


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WIP Wednesday XIII

Alternative Title: Welcome back Crojo!!!

Well, September is here and that means fresh swaps! I have a couple lined up and I am very excited to get going on them.

Here is how I spent yesterday. Sitting in the sun, trying out my very first shawl. Yup, you read correct. I am going to make a shawl! I am really excited about it. So I set myself up in the sun, with a slurpee, sunscreen and music and went to town. Jealous?

Here is a close-up of what I’m attempting. The pattern is the Citron Shawl from Mary Simonsen. I am using a size G hook, and Patons Lace Sequin in this pretty red. I am a little worried that it won’t turn out right, but so far I am ok with it. I really hope my swapner likes it!

There is my (first legit in a while) WIPW! See the others at Tami’s Amis, XO!


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