What a Steal!

So, I went perusing at the mall yesterday, and after not finding any good crochet books at Chapters I stopped on a whim into Winners/Homesense to look at the shoes, purses etc and I remembered that sometimes they have some great scrapbooking paper and books. So I strolled over to the books and by the slimmest chance I stumbled upon this awesome find:

Fifty 6×6 square patterns! For $5.99! I couldn’t believe it. My only boo-urns is that they only had 1 copy, I would’ve bought another (or more) for swap prezzies, and for my bestie of course. Anyways, I can always photocopy them if I really need copies. But I digress. Since I make so many 6×6 squares and am always looking for new and interesting patterns, this will really help me out. I am very very excited to use it! I will definitely be checking back for other little goodies 🙂

I am also excited for tonight, my bestie is coming over for a long overdue “stich’n’bitch” set to a movie and snacks. A definite must for us 😀


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