In a Rut

Wow, it’s a new month and I have yet to post…

First, Gung Hei Fat Choy everyone! Happy Year of the Rabbit to you all! I celebrated with my family on Tuesday with a delicious dinner and some ly-cee (lucky money!). As well, yesterday my family recognized some of the traditions of the Lunar New Year. First, we all showered the night before, as it is considered bad luck to wash away the luck of the new year. Second, we did no house cleaning, instead doing it the day before, for the same reasons. Lastly, and the most awesome in my opinion, we all wore new clothes 🙂 I think it’s to signify the new year and new beginning. Although reading my Chinese astrology was not very uplifting for the new year, I am still positive it will be great!

Moving on, I am in a crochet rut. I have no real purpose for crocheting anything… I have been looking at patterns for a couple things, but I just don’t have that urge to start anything… or even look at my yarn. What a sad state 😦 I decided in my sad little mood I would head to the public library and peruse through the crochet books. Look what I came home with:

4 very interesting and different books to hopefully spark some fire in my fingers. I will probably make a “crobot” and put it in my car, the patterns are freakin cute. And I really like the inspiration book, there are some cool motifs that I can attach to simple squares for the next month’s swap. There were so many REALLY old books, it made me so thankful for new technology. Colour photos and modern people, thank goodnes. Wish me luck… if you have any suggestions for getting me out of this rut I would love to hear them!



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2 responses to “In a Rut

  1. Rachel McIlroy

    Bring a crochet project to my house on Saturday! Always nice to crochet with a buddy. *Fingers crossed* you don’t get called into work!

    • Sorry it didn’t work out yesterday, I was really looking forward to another fun night with you 😦 I hope we’re still on for Thursday, and maybe Tuesday if you’re free? Although I’m pretty sure you have tap…

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