Knuckle Up


As promised I am going to share a project with  you, one that I have been meaning to whip up for a while now. I have this part-time job which requires me to sit in the cold, doing fast-paced data entry and it can get pretty chilly on my digits. I have found that I don’t like my thumbs being covered, it hinders my speed and control. Well, I was perusing Ravelry and came across this little dandy of a pattern from Nichole Verville. They work perfectly!

 Thanks to my sister for modeling them for me. This pattern is super simple and quick to make. It took me 1 evening with a G hook and some scrap Bernat Satin yarn. I am considering adding some buttons or something to personalize them a bit more, not sure yet, any ideas?



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5 responses to “Knuckle Up

  1. Rachel McIlroy

    What brand and colour is the nail polish? It looks like that OPI stuff I had in the summer. It’s awesome!
    And the warmers are cute!

  2. Fabric or crochet flowers with button centres! Would be so cute and they need to be off set on the outter bottom sides but still on the front. 😉

  3. Rachel McIlroy

    Jeez, Sabriena for the win! I’m not even going to try to compete with that!

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