I <3 HK

I have been so lucky this week in terms of receiving packages 🙂 Yesterday my C’Ville Amigurumi Swapner’s package arrived from sunny Florida. Look at what she sent me:

The ami’s she sent were 2 adorable Hello Kitty’s, 1 in a strawberry suit and 1 in a purple dress, I ADORE them 🙂 She also sent me some yummy dark dark dark chocolate, some very delish tea, a stunning homemade angel and a sweet card. You have no idea how giddy this made me!!

If you are serious about your craft, you really need to think about joining a swap (or 2, or 3!!) they are the BEST way to share your passion and talent and not only do you get to make someone’s day, but you get something in return! Oh happy happy joy joy 😀 Cheers to a great weekend!! And thanks Tampa_Doll!!!!

P.S. Please try and say a little prayer for those affected by the recent Japanese earthquake. No one is safe from Mother Nature, remember that we could be next. If possible, try and send some happiness and even some help. God bless.



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4 responses to “I <3 HK

  1. Rachel McIlroy

    So Cute!!!! The swaps are amazing, it’s kinda erie how these people make such bang on you-type things! Another kudos to your swap partner those are so sweet!
    Is the angel crocheted? Or some other type of craft?

  2. Rachel McIlroy

    We should probably learn to do that! It looks so neat, you can use them as christmas decorations and stuff!

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